In the mid 1990s a man called Hassan set off to travel the Americas with his best friend Eli. After months of being on the road and many adventures behind them, they arrived in Mexico City. Taking jobs to rekindle their dwindling funds, they discovered a city like nothing they'd come across before. A place full of life, culture, friendship and hospitality, offering up a whole new world of amazing foods, flavours and colours.

However, introducing unfamiliar dishes to a population raised on Sunday roasts, pies and fish and chips was never going to be easy. But with dogged determination, he gradually began to attract a regular local crowd and word on the street slowly began to spread.

Some 20 years on, Pepitos has opened in Hackney. The menus have changed, but our core values have remained the same. Creating honest food in a playful and creative way to be loved and shared by all.

We’re proud of what we've achieved to date and as a result “Everyone loves Pepitos” has become our statement piece. You'll hear us saying it quite a lot. After visiting we hope you’ll be saying it too.

Anima a mis amigos!